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I read somewhere that an insane amount of older records were being bought and sold per month than was being reported on. The person was shocked to see Back In Black move something like 50k units a month up until about 5 years ago. They couldn't figure out who the hell why buying all these albums and figured everyone who wanted a copy already had one.

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75% of music sales are catalog sales for all labels across the board. This is common knowledge in the business and has been a fact for more than 50 years.

Marion Merritt

I work in music retail and whenever you see a customer with a huge stack of CDs, more than likely they are from our $4.99 or $7.99 bins. It is all back catalog records that cover all genres. It is a great deal for someone looking to replace lost or missing items in their catalogs. We carry about 500 $4.99 and about the same amount of $7.99. Most of all, the customers love going back into their youth and fill in the gaps or the younger customers can take a chance on Jazz/Classical titles and feel grownup and hip.


funny no one has mentioned that maybe people are also growing weary of today's mainstream music and looking for something with more substance. I think that's a critical factor as well.

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