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I don't think people even realize they are signing up for Google+. I just created a gmail account for work purposes a couple months ago for the first time and somehow I was on Google+ as well even though I didn't sign up for it? I'm no techy but the only thing I can think of is because I made a review of a business on Google...but still not 100% sure. Either way, even if it was because I made a review on Google that still doesn't make sense how I was not aware of my Google+ account or why those 2 things needed to be intertwined. After I told my friend what happened to me he went on his gmail to see if he also was on Google+ and just by trying to figure it out somehow accidentally signed up for it with a click. I deleted my gmail account immediately after realizing this and am totally fine using my hotmail account now. I think something fishy is going on Google!!!


Every new Gmail sign up becomes a new Google+ user. Number is significantly inflated.


Agreed. I'd be very interested to see if there's an increase in the amount of time spent on G+ by the average user.

Adam Gandy

A Google+ account will be the starting point for using any of Google's services. An obvious and understandable approach towards making it inherently viable. Creating a YouTube account now entails creating a Google+ account (though you can opt out afterwards). You'll slowly begin using Google+ by necessity. Noone working in digital should ignore what the top web company is up to.


It's still safe to ignore Google +.

Justin Gaga

Agreed, I'm still ignoring it!

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Google most certainly knows all about search engine manipulation because they are known to sell search results on the first page for profit.

So they also know how to create a subvention of hits for their other project. Thank you my forespeakers for explaining in rough how they are doing it.

There is a saying here in Germany which goes "Don't trust any statistics unless you yourself have falsified them on purpose".


ignoring google+ is saying you are going to ignore google. The company is obviously leveraging its new product with the others that we live off of. label it what you want, but it is a smart business strategy and it is inevitable that users will get involved with google+ on some level because of their use of other google products.

Gaga Dad!

G+ is annoying

Richard Razo

Good argument... I'm not sure myself. I did sign up for Google+ but haven't used it hardly at all. Why reinvent the wheel when I'm use to Facebook.

Q: If Google+ does fail how will Google separate/extract it from all their products Google+ now connects while saving face? Do you think Google will try to retract it or just keep it as an optional product? Has anyone seen something like this, a product integrated with other products but then tank, happen before?


I don't care what the press release says, that is nonsense. I have literally never met someone who has used G+ after those first couple of weeks. This just smells of PR-driven book cooking. I don't suspect those numbers would withstand a bit of basic journalistic scrutiny....

Adam Gandy

There is no deception, the numbers reflect how Google+ is being integrated into existing services.


It sounds like you don't understand Google+. It's not like facebook. Having a google+ account is just about equivalent to having an email address as long as you aren't using google+ for anything.

There's nothing to fear. The only reason you're nervous about Google+ is because Facebook has taught the world that social networking requires exposing yourself, but it doesn't.

Not a Late Adopter

You are wrong.

Compete measures unique visitors to plus.google.com, so they are measuring traffic on Google+ stream. Also, they measure only desktop traffic in the US, so they must be under counting by a factor of four, since more than half of Google+ users are outside of the US and on mobile device.

People that say this can't be true since they don't know anyone using G+ are just showing how ignorant they are about the difference between personal anecdotal evidence and data. The fact that your network of friends/family is not connected is not a proof that no other network is.

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