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Live Nation Labs Acquires Rexly, Opens San Francisco Office

image from www.google.comMusic sharing app Rexly has been acquired by Live Nation Labs. Details of the deal were not disclosed. The Rexly team will open a San Francisco office for Live Nation Labs to focus primarily on mobile, according to Rexly's Joel Resnicow. "We’re recruiting a team of like-minded builders immediately in San Francisco, according to Resnicow. "We’re seeking iOS developers, front-end developers and mobile designers to start ASAP."

image from www.google.comThe Rexly iOS app, which will continue to be developed after the acquisition, connects with the user's music on iTunes and enables real time sharing with selected friends on Facebook and Twitter. A portion of today's acquisition is about talent. "With team Rexly we continue to recruit the people who inspire us," wrote Live Nation Labs honcho Eric Garland," and using them to establish a beachhead in tech-heavy San Francisco.

But the deal - and much of the work being done at Live Nation Labs - is also about data.  With Rexly, they've also acquired a music listening and sharing app that can feed data back to Live Nation, who are almost certainly selling tickets to a show that the user would love to buy tickets to.