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Hypebot Hater

holy shit, this is such a joke. YOU'RE KIDDING ME IF YOU THINK THIS IS LEGITIMATE. Laurence Fishburne is the largest twitter account? the #2 use for social media is looking at swimsuit photos?
wow guys.

WTF Hypebot, read this before you publish

WTF Hypebot, read this before you publish


Where's last.fm on this chart? It's old enough, it's crowded with music fans as well as bands. No chance to self-promote but very useful to find fans and people with the same music taste. Major tool for music fans. I want to know lastfm score compared to these above.


Wonder why they choose to use active users for some then registered users or unique visitors for others. How can they make an effective comparison if they're not using the same metric? Seems a little questionable but the graphic is very pretty.


University of Phoenix looks legit to me.


University of Phoenix looks legit to me.

Business Social Media Applications

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Aristel AV 20

MySpace has many more active users than Twitter; and believe it or not, the once might social music network is actually growing. Those are just two of the occasionally surprising pieces of data shared in this in infographic created by the University Of Phoenix Statistics Department.

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Sakis Gouzonis

MySpace is still the most successful music social network on earth. It came as no surprise to read that MySpace has many more active users than Twitter.

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