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Hey Clyde, thank you for mentioning GoGirls and I in your article. Great info! I'm proud to announce we've been hosting our weekly Twitter chat for one full year! Hope you and your readers can join us tomorrow night. Starts at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Clyde Smith

That's a real accomplishment. Congrats!


Very cool article! Thank you for highlighting Madalyn and her #ggchat!

Madalyn and the #GoGirls and #GoGuys rock and we have a great time at each chat

-Deborah (aka @DeborahE)


I don't understand how it is a secret link when I can just go to @illmanorsalbum and click on the link to the soundcloud page?

Can anyone explain that?

Clyde Smith

I wondered that myself but then I got distracted by such questions as:

Why is the sky blue?

How do glasses of water get dirty?

And so forth.


wow. Quite helpful and inspiring discussion.

Clyde Smith

Come on, some pr person wrote it, it's a silly statement, what's there to discuss?

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