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Great chart; i think that one worthy speculation about vinyl is that unlike CDs it's a great medium for physical art (i.e. the late lamented album cover was never given props by tiny CDs). This is especially underscored by the fact that a lot of labels selling vinyl include a free download of the material.
- W74 (tungstenbloggen.com)


I have a hard time taking anything seriously that claims vinyl "provides quality sound."

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Alex, do you have a "stereo"?


Times are changing. Soon we will have free energy and teleportation. Actually on youtube government whistleblowers say that we all ready have the above. All these secrets are now coming out. Andrew Basiago is speaking out on youtube and says that the govt is holding back on letting us know that the technology our govt has is 1000 times more advanced then we are told. He said that he has participated in the govt teleportation program to mars. It's totally fascinating to listen to this guy. It's on youtube.

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