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10 Simple Truths For A Delusional Music Industry

1. If you want to earn even minimum wage selling records as part of a band, you are going to need to sell at the very least - 7,000 to 10,000 records.

2. Even very well known artists struggle to sell 10,000 albums these days.

3. You don’t sell records by gaining Facebook likes.

4. You don’t sell records by being on Spotify.

5. You don’t sell records because you have previously sold records.

6. If you are in a band get used to not selling records.

7. If you are in a band get used to not making minimum wage.

8. If you are in a band be fucking amazing live so people pay to see you.

9. If you are in a band and not fucking amazing live, you better have rich parents.

10. If anyone tells you they are making a living selling records, they are lying, they probably have rich parents. 

The solution to being a successful musician in todays industry – get off the computer and start practicing so you get really, really good.

Or marry into money.

Robin Davey is the VP Of Film and Music Development at GROWvision Studios, Editor of FreeMusicAcademy.com and the Director of Live From Daryls House. Follow him on twitter