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Sonic Notify Adds $4.25 Million To Deliver Content To Smartphones At Concerts, Events

image from www.gadget.pdamu.comSonic Notify, a  platform that automatically delivers content at concerts and events to smart devices using imperceptible sound waves has landed  $4.25 Million in Series A financing in a round led by Raptor Ventures along with DEV (Digital Entertainment Ventures), A-Grade Investments, Advancit Capital, AngelVision Investors, Eniac Investors and The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency.

The Sonic Notify platform enables live event producers and performers, retailers, and broadcasters to deliver media content to smart devices at concerts, events and elsewhere. The technology can be integrated into third party apps, and content delivery is triggered by an audio code transmitted through any speaker.  For example, Interscope artists Mindless Behavior used Sonic Notify at a recent NYC concert to trigger audience notifications within their app for content and special merchandise offers.

DEV (Digital Entertainment Ventures) Places Another Bet

Sonic Notify fits well with StageIt, Open Air Publishing and Mad Human in early stage investor DEV's portfolio. Former record exec Dick Wingate recently joined DEV from TAG Strategic to help identify more opportunities in digital music and entertainment tech.