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I've heard about E-junkie before, but never known clearly about it until read this post. Thank you for your useful information. wanna try 2 services right now

Ben Looi

First of all, thanks for the review. Setting up Tell My Friends is really a dream come true. I agree fully that a rewards system cannot end piracy. Neither can DRM or SOPA. However, Tell My Friends is not "anti", but "counter" piracy. It is a balance we all must strike between draconian measures and freedom of choice. Tell My Friends offers consumers a third choice of being rewarded...the first 2 are either paying or getting for free. You can now choose paying cheap $0.99 for a song, get it for free through pirate sources, or pay a small affordable premium that allows you to earn money.
Honestly we don't know if we will succeed, but as long as my team stays crazy enough to be bold, and smart enough to be wise, we'll stay the course and make things happen.
We have many things lined up to help artistes sell their music, not just an online platform, but many other important off-line marketing tools. Customised prepaid cards is critical as nothing beats cash. We also turn up for gigs of those artistes with their songs on our platform, and we help get the crowd to buy prepaid cards and download their songs. We hope to find the right mix of online and offline business models and methods to do one thing - change consumer behavior.

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