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Want A Job At Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel & Oliver Luckett’s Stealth Social Startup TheAudience? [VIDEO]

Theaudience-office-muralLast week Music Ally gathered scattered bits of news about a new social media empire that's currently hiring for jobs in Los Angeles. Normally that would be a wait and see topic but TheAudience is the product of a partnership between Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel and Oliver Luckett. Building on their work, I did a bit more Web searching and came up with their Facebook page, a video and pics of the mural by JR on their building in West Hollywood plus some pics of an interior mural created by Kozyndan.

At this stage TheAudience is providing social media services for celebrities and has offices in London and West Hollywood with at least 50 employees. It's unclear what the site will be but it seems likely to be a home network and media property for the clients with which they work. TheAudience is currently hiring and Music Ally identified these jobs on Jobvite that lead back to this huge list of current employees on Linkedin. All jobs listed on Jobvite are in Los Angeles.

Key Words: Music, Content Curator, Video Partnerships, Content Programming, Web Development, Media Buying, Graphic Design.

JR – Wrinkles of the City, West Hollywood

The above video shows renowned street artist JR at work on the exterior of TheAudience's office at 8275 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood. It's said to be part of his Wrinkles of the City mural project that he is conducting in multiple major cities around the world. Arrested Motion has more pics of JR at work and a final pic of the exterior. In both the video and final pic you can see the front door with "theAudience" in 3d letters.

Arrested Motion also has pics of the two part interior mural created by husband and wife team Kozyndan. You can see a graphic on Flickr that shows the full design as one piece of art but all rights are reserved so I couldn't add it to this post though fair use covers the above thumbnail.

There is also a full gallery of pics on Flickr that includes a look at the working environment. Plus the statement from Kozyndan:

"The owner of the company has been collecting our work for years and loves sea creatures almost as much as us. His direction was basically 'I want a giant octopus!' and we ran with it and just began drawing."

It's not clear who the "owner" would be but according to an article about CEO and art collector Oliver Luckett in the magazine of the Memphis University School, dug up by Music Ally and available as a PDF download, TheAudience is:

"the first celebrity-driven content network across Facebook and other social media outlets. TheAudience was born from a partnership between the famous Ari Emanuel (personified on Entourage), The William Morris Endeavor Agency, Sean Parker, and Luckett. TheAudience network manages the social media of more than 60 celebrities who have already accumulated more than 300 million fans on Facebook. They have offices in Los Angeles and London and employ more than 50 people."

We'll see what happens but till then you can connect with TheAudience via Facebook.

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