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Manuel Dykes

Competition in the music industry today is crazy, especially when everyone has access to technology now and can just record their songs at ease. I like the concepts that this book focuses on and the directions that Moore is targeting at. I think I will get a copy for my band haha.

Amber Hinkley

The music industry is one of the toughest one to embark on. Everybody knows that the popular bands easily make millions with a couple of concerts, but not everybody knows that there’s millions of other bands struggling behind to build a name. It’s really difficult to make it big or to even start out.


I think it’s best to hire a manager for your band early if you are serious about starting up a band. All big time singers and musicians, and other professional performers all have their own managers. It’s the only way you can expand your reputation without sacrificing your time to focus on composing and practising your songs. Marketing is an entire niche by itself, and there is a reason why there is ironically a whole market just for this niche.


My band was also one of the victims of myspace. I’m planning to rebuild a whole new online brand but I’m quite at a loss as to where to start. I’ve tried advertising on Facebook and Twitter, but never gained much fans despite my efforts. I’ll like to see what James can teach me, and I think $10 is a worthy price to help me set the ball rolling.


My personal music creation got taken down by iTunes due to violation of some of its Terms of Services which I didn’t even get a proper explanation or any chance to appeal. I can’t even tell how my music violates its terms. It’s a lot trickier than it looks and there are not much courses that really focus on this area, so I’m going to see if this book can help.

Clyde Smith

It's interesting how these comments are not only all written in a similar manner but sound kind of fake.

I just checked our comments system and they all come from the same IP!

I hope this isn't what's being taught in the book.

Allen J

I read through the book. He goes through each step in detail and puts it in simple terms so that you can follow through even if you have absolutely no experience in this marketing niche. You should read it if you are struggling with your band’s progress and with so much talents surfacing in the competition, you need to at least know the gist of it all.

Christopher B

I was looking for ways to expand my fanbase through some marketing. I notice bands who joined competitions already got some form of promotion and marketing throughout the contest, so it’s easier for them to build up from there. But I personally hate to be directly compared against other bands through a grueling popularity contest. I hope the methods taught by this book won’t take up all my time to implement as I’d rather focus on my songs.


Even if your music sounds great and you manage to sell your music on all the online stores, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will automatically be heard or can make it big.
I’ve have some of my band’s songs on eMusic and Rhapsody too, but unfortunately nobody even bothers to give my band a chance based on our anonymous reputation. Cruel society, but it’s impossible to survive as a newbie without marketing.

Andrew Mask

I’m trying out some of the strategies. Well, the whole thing is actually not as tough as it looks. You just have to follow their instructions and dedicate some time to implement them. It has helped my band made a bit of progress so far. We gained some fans quite unexpectedly, and it’s a good start. I’m going to continue with the methods and see it goes.

S Donald

I’ve read some of other James Moore’s books and I’ve been following his blog for a while now. He has quite a good grasp of whatever he teaches and imparts everything he knows unconditionally. I’m sure it’s going to be another good informative read so I just went ahead and bought without any qualms. I’m about to join my friends to form a band, so it’d be great to have the prerequisite knowledge!

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