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Richard Patterson

I need somebody to tell me who needs a songwriter!! A band or singers,PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! I keep tellin'everybody I'm a ASCAP MEMBER!! I write r@b,hiphop,jazz, and country lyrics. I'm on facebook,youtube, and twitter. I have songs registered with ASCAP,but I don't want to sing. If you don't want any hit songs, don't call me!! I want to be a winner,not just gettin' by!!

Clyde Smith

Why are you dropping these comments here?

Anybody that saw this would think you're kind of a loser. You post off-topic comments trying to connect with people who need a singer on a post about somebody's crowdfunding campaign?

And even if it was appropriate and somebody would notice, you're not even posting contact info.

Get a grip and go somewhere where people are looking for musicians. What you're doing here is working against yourself.


This article couldn't be more dead on I'm currently running a successful campaign and I've had family members call me and say wow great job! The truth to the matter is that even at 7K I'll have to add another 3k to break even because of terrible planning on the layouts of the rewards . This is a CRUCIAL step to a successful Kickstarter.

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