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Interesting that Amazon Physical was 10 percent. In the last Billboard newsletter it stated that Amazon had built 17 physical warehouses in the last year alone hopefully I'm not the only one that noticed.

IMHO This is yet another sign that physical sales of music needs to be taken into consideration to include both digital stores like Amazon and all the amazing record stores that keep opening their doors everyday.

If she's in a distributor's catalog there should be sales to stores as well and would increase her overall sales and reach as an artist.

Michael J. Epstein

What's really interesting to me is that her Spotify stream numbers are really disproportionately low compared with her iTunes and Bandcamp sales. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, but mine, while much lower, are kind of flipped opposite of that. Maybe it means her fans are of the particularly engaged type? Not sure, but find it interesting.

Michael J. Epstein

Actually, I just looked on Spotify and most of her catalog isn't there, so I think the comparison/discussion re: sales/streams is tremendously misleading. Anyway, great music. I look forward to watching her continue to succeed!


Michael that's exactly what I noticed when checking her website. Also no mention whatsoever on website about her music being on Spotify. That is another factor that may explain the disproportionally low stream numbers.

Check my conversation with Zoe in the commets of http://www.spotidj.com/blog/low-streaming-revenues-a-self-fulfilling-prophecy/


We at Indiehitmaker totally agree, dont forget all those sales that occur at the live performances as well. Week after week we are seeing tons of indie and DIY musicians selling lots of physical product at their live shows, we can only report the ones that use our service, but we have the proof that the physical CD is not dead. In fact it is alive and flourishing, just look at The Silver Comet who charted the last two weeks on Top Heatseekers regional and national charts from physical sales while on Warped Tour. We see weekly reports of artists pocketing several hundred dollars a gig from music sales alone at their live performances regardless if they are on Spotify, sell CDs online or us a digital aggregation service.


The comparison between streams/sales is not misleading, particularly in the case of Spotify.


Spotify is great if you happen to be U2, Lady Gaga or Bob Dylan... to the independent artist though it is practically predatory. Streaming itself is not a problem; if the recompense to the artists made sense, no problem. But since the technology exists to distribute music easily it seems that people feel that the "business model"- and the definition of "stealing"- should adjust to fit.

Plenty more on Spotify at the Trichordist site. Hold your nose and dig in.

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