Never Act Like An Amateur Band

Endoftermgig2011_web_04-05-2011_17-04-44Want people to take you seriously as a musician? Remember to act mature and professional when dealing with others and your career. Be respectful of other bands and make sure your merch table looks good and is ready for fans after the show. Check out more professional gigging tips from Simon Tam on Music Think Tank. Are you acting like a professional musician?

Step up your game, act like a pro and venues will begin treating you much better as well.”

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  1. They are very good advice, really who has not dreamed of adolescence and a little older, starring in a good rock band or the music that we like. It is a very common dream that I think most young dream.
    When he was 16, now I have 27. I thought my destiny was to be a great singer of a rock band, we got together with some friends and we got to play in a few small places. But the truth is very hard to be known, we would also probably not very good.
    But many young bands have no respect for bands with more experience and believe that “know it all”, and that’s where I fail.

  2. The only thing worse than an amateur band is an amateur band trying to act like they have experience they do not have…
    well, that and an experienced band acting like a bunch of entitled pricks…

  3. Well, I have got quite a few albums by bands who have (or have had) members with day jobs. That does not make them amateur bands because they sound good, and really, they are professionals.
    I guess this checklist is nice to have for any performing musician.

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