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How... underwhelming


Sounds promising, the fact that there's a topspin integration already present is cool. Sends email for beta invite to see what it's really going to be like.


Which of these things is the most surprising?

1. MTV, the reality TV channel, wants to be a leader in music.

2. MTV actually wants to be MySpace (why on earth?)

3. Hypebot simply regurgitated everything the PR person fed them and provided no critical insight.

And since I'm being cranky - why is this statement provided as a 'given' by this author:

"there needs to exist one solitary platform where fans can go to make all these connections"

I'm sorry, but the days of the destination site are over. "Connections" are now being baked into whatever app you prefer for listening or discovering music.


Playlist Pros

Yea, at this point, I am extremely ANTI Mtv. Thanks, tho.


They actually announced this months ago and so far haven't sent out any Beta invites AFAIK. Plus I tried the free Topspin account that was given when I singed up to received an invite... and I wasn't impressed.


The yet-to-be released new myspace is roughly a million times better.


Visually really well done. I like the easy artist search and content layout. If they actually add the features like ad revenue share, etc, it will be a pretty good deal for artists.

But the only actual music I could find on the pages were videos - and I have to watch an ad before every single one? What the heck?!

The Devil

MTV's way of gaming Google results with artists names in the URL.

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