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I read this headline quickly and instantly thought Apple was taking away YouTube support from iOS, similar to Flash. After reading the article though, this just seems like Apple is throwing in the towel on YouTube. I've recently ditched Safari for Chrome on my iPhone (which I did within the first hour of getting my Macbook Pro), and it just seems like a bad idea for Apple to not even compete in something as popular as YouTube.

I've always had problems with the (Apple) YouTube app, and it looks like Google's YouTube app will be much better, but it really amazes me that Apple's approach to this is to "just watch it in Safari." Especially when there are now better mobile internet browsers.


Eliot obviously hasn't tried using YouTube mobile for music in years. The content ID settings for mobile devices have been such that almost NO music is available via YT mobile, unless it's been altered in some dumb way.


Yeah, the YouTube app has been pointless for about 3 years now. After getting frustrated by all YouTube links jumping me to the app only to be told many of the videos werent available (but was on the Youtube mobile app) I finally turned the app off in the restriction settings.

Alex Day

I'm confused ... why are any of these things 'Bad News For Music' as your headline says? Spotify is good. HTML5 is good. Vimeo is inconsequential.

tom farmer

hi there,

small addition to above info fyi. In short supply(NZ) i recently bought brand new iphone 4. Activation with latest iTunes means no YouTube App on menu.

Discrimination anybody?

Nice to read I can get it thru Safari tho.

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