Bandcamp Adds New Features To Sell Merchandise

Screen shot 2012-08-02 at 10.43.37 AMBandcamp is great for distributing music, but one of the most common feature requests by users has been a standalone merchandise section. Taking these into consideration, Bandcamp today launched their merch page enabling musicians to list t-shirts, posters, and anything else they can think of independently of albums, or side-by-side with their music.

The merch page appears to be easily customizable and integrates with the Bandcamp shopping cart. Musicians can also bundle their tracks/albums with any of their merch items, while Bandcamp takes 10% of revenues.

Click here to see how to set up your Merch Page on Bandcamp.

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  1. Indeed. Having a fanbase is key to unlocking these revenue streams.
    As long as artists are realistic about what revenue they can potentially achieve by signing up to these DtF services, then they are on good tracks.
    However, all too often we get approached by bands saying they’ve set everything up, got their new EP/Album but want to know why they’re not selling anything! It’s because they only have a few 100 email addresses on their list. The secret is building this list and not to release anything for sale until you’ve got 2,000+
    We think, using Bandcamp et al to build a fanbase is of utmost importance. It all comes down to getting a balance of strategy, expectations and results.

  2. I think this is the best thing bandcamp has EVER done this is brilliant I absolutely love it.

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