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Unless youre an established band, CD Baby is a better deal anyway.


I just don't think that's true. The numbers don't agree either. With an annual fee vs. percentage of revenue, it all has to do with how much you sell annually.

I don't know the numbers exactly, but if you sell something around 7 or 800 iTunes singles a year TuneCore is a better deal than CD Baby. The more you sell over that break-even point, TuneCore continues to get better relative to CD Baby.



In terms of iTunes 6.99 digital albums, TuneCore becomes a better deal after something around 115 sales a year.

Regardless, Jeff is a music business visionary and all-around great guy. It's sad to see him go, but I'm hope he's moving on to the bigger and better!

-Ben Thompson


Time to resurrect SpinART!

Noneya Bizness

Now that TuneCore seems to be sinking, if anyone is interested in learning how to sell music on itunes store or how to put songs on itunes store look up a company called ADEDistribution they can put your songs up on itunes, amazon, spotify, and google play

Noneya Bizness

CDBaby sucks a$$. you must work for them


Tunecore just isn't profitable. It will get to a point where it will hurt cash flow to pay artists. Bankers eventually want out.

I wonder if it will be forced to sell to IODA or a major?

David Sanbourn

I've heard about these guys. I hear they steal your royalties! A friend of mine used their service and told me that he was ripped of by ADEDistribution. I wouldn't recommend anybody using them unless you want to be ripped off!

Justice Aaron

Bummer. I was a fan of Jeff's work, and TC. He brought a well needed passion to the biz. Hope he didn't pull a Derek Sivers. I have released on CDB and TC and can tell you for a fact that, unless your sales are less than $50/yr, TC is the way to go.

Rob Mazurek

I'm with Jeff all the way..Having done Business with Jeff since 2007 I feel he's really been given the shaft here and im quite upset with Tunecore. Both Jeff and Peter and real stand up guys and the most honest execs ive ever encountered in the music Biz.

I will most certainly be contacting Jeff and getting the scoop on whats happening...more importantly as an artist I will cease to do business with Tunecore as a sign of Protest and im sure most musicians will follow suit who have had great business dealings with Jeff. There is one thing I consider more important than money and thats "Loyalty to your friends and business associates"

-Rob Mazurek

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