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Creative Music Videos: Father Tiger, Super Stereo Surf & Linkin Park

Linkin-park-lostMusic videos using social media combined with mobile and web technologies continue to break new and entertaining ground.  For a little Friday fun I present three music videos beginning with Father Tiger's "Shell" which uses over 5000 images processed through Instagram.

Brazilian band Super Stereo Surf has a fitting video for their surf music that employs a vertical orientation designed for mobile devices.  And Linkin Park presents a music video web experience for their song "Lost In The Echo" that includes photos from your personal Facebook account.

Father Tiger – Shell

Synthpop duo Father Tiger recently released their "first official video for an original song" created by director/editor Jeff McHale and artist John Parot.

The creation of "Shell" involved:

  • 5,000+ images processed through Instagram
  • 400+ fan submissions via Instagram
  • Dozens of original art pieces created and mailed across the U.S.
  • 3 months of editing and processing
  • 1 iPhone for filming and instagram processing

For more on the process check out The Making of "Shell" – The Music Video.

Super Stereo Surf

The above video for the band Super Stereo Surf, designed to be watched in vertical orientation on a tablet, not only suggests that life is good for sea monsters but is also a reminder that just because we used to watch videos on tv doesn't mean we have to be forever constrained by the physical dimensions of tv sets.

From Vimeo:

"'You watch the video as you would read a magazine, with the tablet in the vertical orientation. We did a tribute to horror comics of the 50s using the current way to read comics' explains the director Filipe Gontijo."

"The final result fit the music perfectly, as defined by the band's guitarist, Alex Maraskin. 'Our surf-music has this soundtrack feel. It's an unpretentious sound, similar to the films and comics of the old days'."

Via O Music Awards Blog.

Linkin Park – Lost In the Echo Teaser

The above teaser video for Linkin Park's "Lost In The Echo" is designed to lure you into a web experience that relies on photos from you and your friends' Facebook accounts to complete the visuals.

The video was created by Jason Nickel and Jason Zada, who also created my favorite example of Facebook Connect usage, Take This Lollipop.

Mike Shinoda told Wired's Lewis Wallace that major labels still have a lot of clueless people on staff (my words not his):

"Some of the people at the label really fought us over this video, and it was tough, because they just simply wanted to put something static up on the website and on YouTube and Vimeo and whatever…Like, they wanted to put [a static version] up a month before this thing was even ready."

"And I was saying, 'That's crazy. This thing is so much more interesting.' Even if they look 99 percent similar, the Facebook-connected version is so much more interesting than the static version because of what it does with you as a viewer."

To be honest, it's not nearly as cool as Take This Lollipop but it's great to see people experimenting. Check the Wired article for more of the video's backstory.

Via SoundCtrl.

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