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Brian Hazard

Great article Kyle! I look forward to seeing your solutions realized.

When I read the title, I was hoping you were going to tell us how to improve our artist's "Top Hits." My #1 is far from my best song, and likely "suffers" from being titled the same as a Chris Brown song.

Kyle Bylin

Thanks Brian.

That's a great point: the title proved hard to make simple, yet specific. And ha, that's a good, and perhaps bad, problem to have. I'll start talking more about the process in the coming posts.


3) The app will archive previously featured songs.

How do you see that working Kyle? Something similar to Facebook Timeline, where users scroll down to reveal hits from the past? Something calendar based? Or a simple date entry?

Once enough time passes, filtering and searching previously featured songs could be a hassle if not implemented well.

Then again, is this something only hardcore users like me care about? Or do music listeners in general only care about the songs that are charting now? You're definitely right about needing to test assumptions over time.

Also, I love #4. Reminds me of a Songkick-esque solution to keep up with popular songs.

Another feature I'd like is a weekly "Top Tracks Among Friends" playlist. Something similar is hidden in the "What's New" section, but it's not something I can subscribe to. It would be a better solution than scrolling through my favorite friends to see what they're playing.

Another take on this concept: Subscribing to "Top Tracks by Location," so you can see what your city is listening to.

Really enjoyed this one Kyle!

Kyle Bylin

Something like that; it depends on UX. It'll likely be feed or playlist. I think search would be overkill, but we'll see. I'd say for popular music fans there's no time like the present. And yes, I realized that it resembled Songkick as it came to be; it's funny that no one has helped you keep track of the bands you like and the new music that they're coming out with. The ListenIn app by McDonalds charts the top songs among your friends, though, not very well. Top tracks by location would be cool. Thanks for reading Wes, I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. There will be more.

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