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Brian Hazard

Excited stuff Clyde! You've got a new subscriber

Clyde Smith

Thanks Brian!

Crowdfunding equity

The crowdfunding equity market is definitely going to change how artists raise capital for albums, tours, and selling their ip streams.

The Devil

Or perhaps people that can't get something going on their own shouldn't be musicians. Like the world needs more bought and paid for musicians.

1,000,000+ DJ Britney Hiltons coming our way buying up all the ad spots and clogging up the music blogs will be the future.


Indiegogo.com is expanding their music department also. Crowd funding is going to revolutionize the way music is made and distributed. Exciting stuff!


I have heard about a very interesting new project on IndieGoGo, which is called "Express Yourself, Own Yourself." (http://indiegogo.com/eyoy). They do not use any social media network to present their project because of their principles. I think an article by you about their project would help them a lot to get it more public.

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