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Seth Keller

"We’ve paid like $500,000 to make a music video that MTV just didn’t play. And that was considered like, 'Oh, OK. That’s a bummer, but, you know, next.'"

I'm not trying to single out Brandon, but this comment really makes it tough for fans and those outside the music industry to feel bad about the pirating of music, the decrease of recorded music sales and the loss of music industry jobs.

While 500K per video wasn't spent on most major label artists in the 90s, if we're all honest, we know that a lot of money was wasted, er, spent on projects and artists a lot less successful than Incubus just because it was available.


Who are you to say money is wasted? You make it sound like it was burnt into thin air. That 500K employed people. Just because it was used for something you don't agree with, doesn't mean it was wasted.


Sounds like digging a ditch & filling it back in...type of jobs for the boys....type of thing to me:-P


but if a band spent only 50k, you would see the lack of goodness and call it poop... go ahead and steal it, what do you give a crap about putting people out of work. its not just the band you affect.... bus companies, the dude who tapes down electrical cords on set, staging and PA companies, sound crew and about a million other jobs you wouldn't even think of cause your generation is full of punks that only consume and think of no one but themselves. its okay, i will be dead when you all have to live in a very unfriendly world. this will all bite you in the ass someday. karma is a bitch.


Eh... Take it down a notch... There have been plenty of sides to the music business that have changed that caused joblessness... Musicians used to play in Vaudville and movies came around and killed that scene... Musicians played during movies during the silent era and then they had sound and musicians were forced to find another way... Big bands were all the rage and then became unpopular... Things change... Technology has changed how the industry works and musicians will find other ways to pay the bills...

Johnny Gagnon

SOCAN,I realized late,was trying to music internet giants to get them to pay royalties for viewing songs on the web...unfortunately the CRTC refused to grant this new royalty.But it does make alot of sense....
Music is similar to a candy bar sold at a convenience.... they don't allow consumers to take bites from it before buying them,so why should our songs be any different?
The entire music industry is getting the short end of the stick from these giant tech corporations controlling the small peoples government!

Alexis Simpson

Thanks for posting the link to my site www.noizenews.com:) next week i'll have photos and a review from the show :)

Lee Madeloni

There is a misunderstanding here Seth... Just because a label
Spends 500k on a video, it absolutely does not mean that the
Musicians are rolling in dough. In fact, because of people that
Refuse to spend 10 bucks on an album, we (the musicians and
Songwriters) see
Barely any of the revenue that comes through music sales of any
type, including music videos. Everyone wants what we create for
free, and it's devaluing the art form and creating homogeny in pop
music and culture.
So, please don't use the fact that labels can be dumb with money
as an excuse to steal our art.

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