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O Canada! Spotify Is Headed Your Way Soon - Are South America And Asia Next?

Spotify-canadaAfter making a huge splash in the United States with three million users in just a year’s time, Spotify is continuing their North American expansion to Canada, according to recently published filings by the streaming giant. The company also has shown further plans to expand into Asia and South America, giving them incredible presence and coverage on a global scale.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify Technologies SA (Spotify’s holding company) filed its plans in April. These accounts were made available earlier this month and contained a management report where the streaming service plans to launch on the Canadian market. Spotify’s reasoning is said to be quite simple – aiming to further consolidate their position as the world's largest music-streaming service. The report also added that the company seeks to expand into "countries in Asia and South America."

It comes as no surprise that Spotify continues to expand into new territories. After making a huge name for itself in Europe, the service has gone on to expand to 15 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand (the latter two being recent additions). 

The more countries that Spotify expands to, the better it is of course for the company, but just how receptive other countries will be towards the big green giant remains to be seen. One cannot assume that others will be dying to get their hands on the product the same way the U.S. market seemingly was, and there have already been a number of local streaming mini-giants in certain territories that may already be satisfying the same target market (such as Dhingana in India and Anghami in the Middle East).

Spotify has been on a product development expansion of sorts as well lately, recently bringing its service to Android devices, the Kindle Fire, and ushering in a Pandora-like streaming player.

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