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now an ex-customer

"FREE websites for ALL bands is our mission! All musicians deserve this!"

"ahem.. excuse me sir, but that didn't work. nobody would pay for the pro sites and we are running out of money."

"Well, can we start charging all the free users then?"

"Yes, but we have to 'pivot' the business, as they say, so that it looks like we have found a better mission than the first one."

"Ok, let's do that then, what have you got?"

"Well, LinkedIn is one of the only recent IPOs that hasn't gotten slaughtered."

"Yes... I see. Sounds perfect..." "LinkedIn for musicians is what we are all about! Free websites are now for losers."


the idea of LinkedIn for the music biz is not the worst idea. now social networks are just spamming tools on a high performance level.

my experience is that rss/blogs and email are the only tools who connect people on a substantial level.

best wolfgang


Seems interesting, however not a linked for artist should still be linked in, no?


Sounds like Myspace to me..

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