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Lucas LeCompte

THanksss so much for giving Periphery some much deserved credit. They are super nice guys, they answer almost every question the fans ask on forum spring. I almost really enjoyed it when they posted the back ground of each new song on PII because I love knowing stuff like that.


I'm happy to help! They are a huge influence for me, both musically and creatively, and their approach to music is something any band can learn from.


Solid article. You won't see that in Rolling Stone.

The Devil

"reaching No. 44 on Billboard’s 200 album chart." is how many album sales?


Just wondering on "recording straight into a computer, Mansoor was able to record all of the guitars present on Periphery. Drummer Matt Halpern recorded drum takes on an electronic drum kit to trigger pre-produced drum sounds, which maintained human timing, achieved professional sounding drums, and didn’t anger the neighbors." - Isn't almost every other (new) rock/ metal band doing the Axe FX/ V Drums thigy since last few years? Not exactly a new idea there but good article anyway!


New bands could very well be doing this, although I haven't heard too much about it. The point of that paragraph was mainly to show that now bands are plugging right into software like Guitar Rig, Superior Drummer 2.0, and the AxeFX instead of going through amps, which means that bands can record anywhere at any time.

Although many guitarists have been using the AxeFX unit for some time, it's been mainly used as an FX unit. To my knowledge, Periphery were the first band to use the AxeFX as a primary amp sound, especially a hi-gain one. Keep in mind, Periphery's first album came out in 2010, so it's likely that bands that are using the same approach were influenced by Periphery's approach some years ago.


Your point is completely valid that now one can record anytime, anywhere - one doesn't need to go to studio to do most of the stuff now.

i'm just saying that in terms of 'recording technique', there's nothing new about using digital modelers and electronic drums (triggering midi). forget abt 2010, Def Leppard (a genuine rock band) did this 'technique' of recording drums AND guitars way back in the 80s! of course, it's more accessible for last 8-10 years or so than it was before :)

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