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ShoutOut Radio Recreates Song Dedication On Facebook

Bf927d20c179de21f0c1bc870d170e31_largeRemember the days of dedicating songs to friends on the local radio station? The novelty / excitement in that was hopefully everyone you knew (and many you didn’t) would hear your name mention theirs, but more importantly, provide some underlining context to a song that connects you two. ShoutOut Radio is an app that strives to achieve a similar novelty by letting you send, receive and hear music with your Facebook friends and is currently on the hunt for funds with a $16,000 Kickstarter campaign.

The app itself is pretty straightforward. A user simply picks a song from the ones they have stored on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or they can choose from a cloud-based catalog of millions of songs. They then choose one or more of their Facebook friends to dedicate the song to, attach an optional text message, and decide whether the ShoutOut be made private or public.

Facebook friends need not have the app to get the message, but one minor downside is that the songs will be played back as 30 or 90-second samples; not a huge deal considering the point is really to associate a song with a friend or group of friends. However, users will be able to build their own radio station around any songs that they’ve used or the ones that are sent to them, and those will consist of full versions of the songs.

The ShoutOut Radio iOS app is expected to launch in iTunes in early-to-mid Septemeber. The Kickstarter money will go towards marketing the iOS launch, building an Android version, and adding new features like music identification technology (so you can dedicate songs that hit you at any given moment) and full SoundCloud integration.

Their Kickstarter campaign itself has an interesting tiered offering for backers. A higher level pledge of $750 gets your name and image embedded as an easter egg within the app, a pledge of $1,000 get you six hours of conversation time with the CEO about how to be an entrepreneur, and a pledge of $2,500 or more will have you appear as an “angel investor” in the About Us section of the app. 

As of this writing, ShoutOut Radio has almost $1,500 of their funding secured with just under two weeks remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. 

Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Hypebot.com. Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamDahud