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I like to read my CD covers. I find out who created the music I like. I am introduced to new artists from the credits on the cover. The people they thank for being a part of the project, its interesting. Like huh? I didn't know XYZ and ABC had an association. Reading the cover can be a sedge way into discovering the work of other artists. Its interesting to find out that an artist you enjoy wrote most, or all of the songs on their CD. Or, the Bass player on one of your favorite artist's songs is the same Bass player for other artists you enjoy. Or, has a CD of their own. You can get hip to websites, books, videos of the artists, musicians, writers and find out more about their stories, get info on upcoming events, causes, whatever. I encourage this cause. Everyone wins. Reading the credits, cover while I listen to my brand new CD makes it an experience. Get all comfy in my favorite chair, like I am reading a magazine, with my favorite beverage. lol


Yeah. I think the information should be exclusively found only in the CD cover. Like an added value sort of thing.

Aries Music

Everybody deserves credit : songwriters, publishers, producers, technicians, musicians, etc. Not only for albums also on singles !!!


Everyone Deserves Credit and once settlements are made public. You should not have to fight to collect on those credits. The industry sometimes has racial profiling going on when they owe you that credit. And this should change give foreign recording the right as USA recordings and people deserves credit songwriters, publishers, technicians and musicians.

Buddy Hart

Yes I believe all persons involved in
produceing the album should get credit
in print as well as get paid.As a publisher
we pay our musians and tec people up front.

Michael Tearson

Feels like a no-brainer. Creators should be acknowledged. As both radio DJ and an artist I totally support this initiative.

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