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Who gives a fuck. Djs are all a bunch of talentless cunts. And all the musicians laugh at you. Haha.

The Devil

They make that money because they have stolen the most PR.

lady miss kier

this list is clearly not based on talent but on promotion and their booking agent. if it was about good music than i would not have turned down the offer to sing on 3 of these dj's tax in the last year as they all sounded WHORable . i prefer my small following of dancers with good taste in music and no desire to pump their fist as their only dance move in a sea of people making a human smooth wave making it impossible to dance. these are djs perhaps for the "dance dance revolution" more power to them and their publicists- history always separates the cream from the crop and these dj's are not only overpaid- but promote mediocracy and cliche. -lady Miss Kier


Its the FAST FOOD of music......no substance , no soul.........just filler.....


they are smiling all the way to the bank.


You're an idiot and obviously know nothing about DJing/producing. Talentless cunts?? Let me tell you, I play: bass, guitar, drums and played in many bands for over 10 years. I also DJ and am learning to produce dance music and dance musicians are just as much if not more of musicians than any other(especially pop one who don't even write their own music) I am now learning to produce and I can say it is much much easier to write a rock song that produce a dance track. ALL musicians don't "laugh at you" real musicians like myself see the musical genius that some of these producers are. They create new sounds out of a sine wave, its amazing, and then arrange them in a way to make a great song. Often there are as many as 100 parts going on, unlike the simple: guitar, bass, drum kit of a traditional band. I LAUGH and uninformed idiots like you who give REAL musicians like myself and these artists a bad name.

levon louis

omg lady kier? much respect love

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