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Alvaro Marin

I dont even think streaming music should be free. Why not treat it like the water or electric bill? Those are things that everyone needs/wants to have in their lives and they still pay for them. Perhaps the valuation aspect will need a lot of work but giving stuff away is just silly. Grooveshark has a lot of music I can't find anywhere else but knowing what I'm supporting by using the service really makes it a tainted fruit.. if only they were to get their act together..


Funny cause if you have Safari you can essentially download YouTube videos straight to your computer with the activity window.


Grooveshark prabally never sent a formal complaint to Google. Sam probably sent an email to Fred vL and never got a response, that isn't Fred's job. Google has formal systems for these complaints, grooveshark just didn't do it. Google doesn't monitor apps and they don't take any action without a formal complaint.

grooveshark had their chance to get their act together. no wonder all the executives quit.


It's interesting that Safari's Activity Window was brought up- across internet browsers, there are several ways to save video, audio, and streaming content. While I can't comment on Google or Grooveshark's involvement in the extension, the point is irrelevant. There are dozens of extensions for Chrome alone that allow users to save media to their computers, and the only reason this is getting such publicity is because the name "Grooveshark" is actually in the name of the extension.

Billy Lars

Hmm interesting read

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