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Playlist Pros

Or you could bypass all the algorithms, and harness the power of people who actually know what they are doing in regards to making playlists. It's amusing watching all these companies fumble over themselves, when the true enjoyment and discovery of music should be in the hands of those who know it best. The tastemakers. They just need a few guidelines, and perfect playlists await.


Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

I kind of agree. Real people's playlists have the best flow, the best emotional arc of suspense, so to speak.

Mac Randall

Speaking of playlists created by real people, my e-book 101 Great Playlists, which covers a wide range of genres, periods and themes, just came out last week. More info about the book and links to three sample playlists on Spotify can be found here: http://www.macrandallwriter.com/a-playlists-sampler

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