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71bQhZtiqmL._SL500_AA300_Spotify has rolled out a version of its app for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, available as a free download via Amazon’s Appstore. Premium Spotify users who fork out the $9.99/month get access to all of the app’s content available on the desktop version including streaming, playlists, social features, artist info, and more. For non-Premium users, the app only includes free access to Internet radio stations with intermittent ads.

Like the Android version, the Kindle Fire version of Spotify offers a free two-day trial to Spotify’s Premium service. Beyond simply going ad-free, this Premium version includes support for offline playback – critical to the Kindle Fire, as it is only a Wi-Fi device. Once a non-Premium user goes out of range from a hotspot or home network, the app will go silent without a connection. Other Premium features include a slick new slide-out navigation bar, higher-resolution album art, a “related artists” feature, and 320 kbps quality streaming.

The Kindle Fire version also includes support for playlist creation, which can be shared with other users. While listening to Spotify radio, users can "like" songs on the app and then return to the PC version to access them later via a "Liked from Radio" playlist.

The Kindle Fire tablet has been selling considerably well in its first few months of being on the market. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Chad Bartley recently stated that sales could reach 1.8 million units for the second quarter and 14.7 million units for the year. However, major retailer Target has dropped the Kindle Fire from its stores almost entirely, which has caused some flack for the product.

Regardless, Spotify continues its expansion into the homes of a new group of potential users with this launch. Spotify seemingly has their bases covered with the app now available as a desktop, iOS, Android, and now, a Kindle Fire app.

To download the Kindle Fire version of Spotify, click here

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