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The Best And Brightest Music Industry Minds On Twitter [LIST]

6a00d83451b36c69e2017743cfa767970d-800wiA few weeks back, we began to compile a list of music industry professionals that are “required follows” on Twitter; similar to how Billboard listed their top music industry personnel but a little more focused on the music tech side of things. We took our own list of favorites and combined it with reader recommondations to present to you the following list of top innovatorsindustry leaders, and all around resourceful people who are worthy of following. 

The Best and Brightest Music Industry Minds on Twitter

  • Mark Mulligan - Music Industry Analyst: @Mark_Mulligan
  • Ian Rogers – CEO Topspin Media: @iancr
  • Benji Rogers – CEO Pledge Music: @BenjiKRogers
  • Greg Sandoval – CNET Digital Media Writer: @sandoCNET
  • Mike King - Course author, instructor, and director of marketing at Berklee: @atomzooey
  • Andrew Mager - Hacker Advocate at Spotify: @mager
  • Eric Garland – Founder, BigChampagne: @ericgarland
  • Matt Kiser - Digital Product Manager for Fuse TV: @Matt_Kiser
  • Wes Davenport - Music marketer and publicist: @wesdavenport
  • Brenden Mulligan - Founder of Onesheet & Artist Data: @mulligan
  • Madalyn Sklar – Head of GoGirls Music: @MadalynSklar
  • Ethan Kaplan - VP Product, Live Nation:‏ @ethank
  • Ian Hogarth - CEO / Co-founder of Songkick: @soundboy
  • Michael Fiebach – CEO / Founder of Fame House: @mfiebach
  • Brenna Ehrlich - Senior Editor, MTV O Music Awards; MTV Hive Writer: @BrennaEhrlich
  • David Dufresne - CEO Bandzoogle: @DavidDufresne
  • Jason Feinberg - Digital strategy expert: @jasonfeinberg
  • Stuart Dredge – Digital music and technology writer, MuiscAlly: @StuartDredge
  • Adrian Fusiarski – Social media & disruptive tech news content curator: @Buzzsonic
  • Ted Cohen – Founder, TAG Strategic: @spinaltap
  • Michael Brandvold – Music marketer, speaker & author: @michaelsb
  • Brian Thompson – Creative coach, music marketer, podcaster/blogger: @ThornyBleeder
  • Bob Baker – Author, musician, and indie music advocate: @mrbuzzfactor
  • Bas Grasmayer – Music biz 2.0 expert, Head of information strategy at Dream Industries: @spartz
  • Bob Lefsetz – seasoned music industry blogger: @lefsetz
  • Erik Peterson – Music distribution and marketing expert: @plugola
  • Jason Spitz – Music marketing and e-commerce expert: @jasonspitz
  • Danny “Dee” Aguayo – Monetization, marketing, management, distribution & trans-media strategies: @dannydee
  • Brian Schopfel – Co-founder Eyes and Ears Entertainment: @bschopf
  • Jesse Von Doom – Co-Executive Director at Cash Music: @jessevondoom
  • Lee Martin – Advanced web developer and music tech expert: @leemartin
  • Bill Werde – Billboard Editorial Director: @bwerde
  • Emily White – Whitesmith Entertainment / Readymade Records: @emwizzle
  • Ariel Hyatt – Head of Cyber PR: @cyberpr
  • Glenn Peoples – Senior Editorial Analyst at Billboard: @BillboardGlenn
  • Brian Zisk – Founder SF MusicTech Summit: @Zisk
  • Elliot Van Buskirk – Music technology writer, @listeningpost

And of course, there's the Hypebot family:

Who do you think we missed?

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  1. Aw shucks. Thanks dude.
    You’re going to motivate me to tweet better and more often.
    For music folks our @Bandzoogle account has LOTS more relevant content than my feeble tweets, and I gotta say, y’all should follow @dave_cool, our Director of Artists Relations, the one real real music industry genius we have on the team.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    You have a great list. I’d add @sisaro, @futurehitdna, and @mmasnick here.
    Not tech focused, but the @wfmu posts are amazing, too.

  3. Truly flattered! I would also add Susan Lainson (@slainson) to the list. She posts really smart links & commentary on the business of media, mostly music.

  4. Thank You with much MusicLuv, for the AWESOME! list of industry people to follow as well as Ur own intelligent minds 🙂 list.
    In this new digital social media record industry,their tweets are golden.
    The “Silver Conductor” on:

  5. Jeremy Schlosberg ‏@fingertipsmusic
    Brian Hazard ‏@colortheory
    thetrichordist ‏@thetrichordist
    Andrew Dubber @dubber
    Dave Allen ‏@DaveAtNORTH
    Eliot Van Buskirk ‏@listeningpost
    Jay Frank ‏@Repojay

  6. No Darren Hemmings, or the indispensable @bemuso? Or Zoe Keating. Or Steve Lawson? Andrew Dubber’s latest record label is a work of genius ; @steoreilly from mobile roadie,@rogboy, @ruthdaniel, also worth following.

  7. Shame on you guys for not including David Hooper from on that list. I believe his Twitter username is @davidhooper. He’s been around just as long, if not longer, than many of the music marketing veterans you included.

  8. You missed Professor Markus Burger, a longtime music industry expert, who recently has become a sought-after figure as a consultant and speaker for his expertise in all things related to music technology, particularly as it relates to the application of technology in music education.

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