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joe arrigo

The one disturbing element of social networking is the loss of people skills we derive from one on one personal contact. Our brains are being conditioned, evolving away from fundamental social and communication skills. This conditioning is coming from massive amounts of time being spent with the Internet, computer games, television, Blackberry, phone-mail and email, where we are plugged-in and tuned-out; averting direct human contact.

Clark F

Yeah, but should we not also assume that our brains develop and adapt to whatever situation we put our selves in over an extended period of time?

If we are evolving away from fundamental social and communication skills, maybe we are evolving towards more advanced forms of social interaction and communication skills?

Maybe direct human contact is not only confined to the other person being there physically?

Alexandra Mano

I think you can both find an answer in this TED Talk http://youtu.be/t7Xr3AsBEK4

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