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TuneCore CEO Jeff Price Comments Cautiously On His Departure

image from www.hypebot.comJeff Price, the usually outspoken co-founder and former CEO of TuneCore, has been unusually silent since his sudden departure from the company last week. Price wrote an open letter last Wednesday that chronicled his TuneCore legacy. But since he's remained silent about his departure. He has, however, shared a few carefully chose words with Variety.

Price confirmed his exit to Variety, saying that he was "no longer an employee, executive or board member" at TuneCore. While citing a confidentiality agreement that kept him from comment further he did add that he retains a share in the company.

Price also implied that he'll be back soon with a music related business that retains the "service-oriented" model of TuneCore. "Anything that's built on a gatekeeper model is bound to be circumvented. The path to success is transparency."