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There's a lot of independent artist & bands that are interested in what is happening at TuneCore; So, it's not just the owners it's the stakeholders too. . The company that these guys build is something that doesn't come along very often and I'm sure they scared the mock turtlenecks off the majors. Great Job to Peter, Jeff and staff at TuneCore.


Does anyone know a way to contact Peter directly - like his personal blog or twitter? I'm trying to google it, but maybe anyone of you can help :)

Noneya Bizness

A lot of artists leaving TuneCore because of all this. Their catalog hangs in the balance. Most of them are going to ADEDistribution


Seriously, can someone at Hypebot delete these naked advertisements for other competitive services?

ADEDistributuon should be ashamed of themselves. They're posting on DigitalMusic News as well with these 'advertorial' posts.

A pundit

Jeff didn't do anything for 'the good of the artist' - it was only ever to serve his ego and company branding. Under the guise of the good samaritan.

The Amazon fiasco - Jeff wanted them to channel money thru him and held Tunecore's catalogue as ransom. Who lost out? The artists. The grandfathered price hikes - serving the company not the artist. The list went on and clients paid attention.

Jeff Price accomplished a lot and bravo. But there is a clear reason why he was fired - he was costing the company reputation and money.

Why Peter was fired, who knows. Seems like a genuine nice guy. Whatever you do next Peter, PLEASE steer clear of ADE Distribution ;)


If the new Tunecore messes up wouldnt it be possible for Jeff and Peter to restart another Tunecore?

Jordan Sinko

ADE Distribution is a scam! Their owner Noneya Business who's real name is Makell Bird is known for ripping off artists. His site even looks shady. Who would sign up for a service that's using blogger?

If you want service stick to Tunecore or go with RouteNote as they are way better than ADE Distribution.

Steven Cravis

Nelson, great point. Artists would like to know what's going on.


What IS going on TuneCore? Some minimal courtesy to let the Artists know who is in control would be appreciated. Why was the decision to let Jeff go made?

A STATEMENT, Press Conference, or the like, is surely in order.

Do you think Artists are doing nothing to promote their music and drive traffic to the stores that TuneCore set up. Did I put my money into the wrong company?

I am positive a majority of Artists went with TuneCore because of what they were getting from Jeff Price.



This is PRECISELY why Zuckerberg set up his corporate charter so he controlled 57% of the voting rights in Facebook REGARDLESS of the shares he owns.NO ONE can kick him out of his company. Price should have done the same.The VC's don't care about the artists or the customers,just the profit.When the "money first" crew takes over,everybody else gets screwed.Tunecore has just been "Romneyized".


I love using Tunecore for the artists we work with because we actually see the money! It was a profitable system, much better than others. I'm surprised by the news and hoping the new people don't mess it up!


Might be time to jump ship...Idea's? Alternates?


What do you expect from a service that's a scam! They're even using blogger as a means to distribute music. Yeah, I'd trust them with my music :S


BFM Digital

Jeff Warner

Yup. ADEDistributon is a scam! Also this guy Makell Bird is a racist! He rants against Asian people and women on YouTube.

Check it out! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh8X1kTcfxw&feature=related

And you want ADEDistribution to represent you and your music?

auska garrett

my name is auska garrett. I have two songs with tune core. one of the songs called 'nita chyree' has been there over a year. uploaded to radio airplay. I have fans all over the world who like my song, but no money from tune core at all. what should I do? are is it anything I can do. I really trusted tune core with my music.

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