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Chris Seth Jackson

Great advice. I get a little blocked on what to say for my band on Facebook or Twitter from time to time. Here's a few things I found that are fun to share:

* working on new music during rehearsal
* funny joke a band member just said
* Provide updates during your show. Not just about your band. Be a "micro-journalist" on Twitter.
* Record your shows, but spread out the recordings over a period of time instead of showing everything at once.
* Candid photos of the band rehearsing or having fun or being goofballs.
* Ask fans to provide a caption for a photo


I keep getting as error message and the video won't play for me; is is available elsewhere (youtube or whatever)?


Great tips Bob. It's so true what you said about posting same stuff several times. With so much activity on people's facebook feeds, you need a pretty high frequency if you want to make sure everyone gets your message.


Click on the "vimeo" icon instead of clicking on the "play" button. You'll be able to watch it from vimeo


Thanks a lot for this truly interesting video !

Matt Carlson

good stuff Bob...thanks again as usual.


Thanks Bob,as always you have added food for thought with a different perspective on connecting with fans.


I had the privilege to talk with Bob and I can say all the ideas he raises are exponential. His book is amazing. In each single page you get ideas that are worth the book.

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Thanks Bob,as always you have added food for thought with a different perspective on connecting with fans.

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Hi Bob,
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