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This is interesting, but I think it should start at ulrich, as the others are also singer/frontmen and made the majority of that money via that.


Matt Cameron - Pearl Jam & Soundgarden must fit somewhere amongst this?


Ringo starr wasn't frontman of any notable band, if I'm right...


nah - lars has a lot of his wealth from his family (famous tennis player father) and his extensive art collection.

Session Drummer Goran

Well put together. A very interesting read! I had no idea some of those drummer made so much. Good for them.

mark frazier

how is it that a guy who played in Blink 182 has nearly triple the income of Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead??


You're right but the band he played for was one of the greatest bands ever.


Economies of scale, I suppose. Same reason that the latest flash-the-pan pop act (which I am NOT lumping Blink 182 in with) can sell more 'copies' than older acts with greater longevity: there's just more of everything now.

John Gump

About half of those drummers are unremarkable. Some are just plain bad. Most of the world's greatest drummers, including ALL of the jazz drummers, aren't there at all.

Sad, but predictable, I guess.


Eduardo D. Sanchez

No way that Neil Peart is only worth $22 million. I've heard reports that his net worth is in the hundreds of millions...


Mmmmm...you're right John, it's interesting that the best drummers on the planet aren't on the list at all. Weckl, Colaiuta, Chambers, Gadd, Bisonette, Carlock, Rosenblatt, Wackerman, Philips and many many more are all playing in a different league than the drummers above, even if many of the above drummers are good. But of course, the average man in the street in general can't hear that! :-)


It's not hard to believe. I love Mickey and Billy and if this were a list of most talented drummers, they would much higher up, in my opinion. However, the Grateful Dead has never been a band that made much money from album sales. Most of their income came from touring. They also had a huge staff to support at the height of their popularity and they didn't exactly make the best financial decisions. No big deal for them though. They are rich in ways that I'm sure some of these other drummers will never understand.

Veruca Salt

Damn Fish.


Zac Hanson is worth about $40 million... Don't see him here.


Bill Ward good for $65 million?! The list kind of dies there. There is no way in hell. He hasn´t written much of Sabbaths music, and he has been out of the band on several big tours. Considering how many years he has been out of the band this don´t stack up. He is almost as rich as founder and co-writer Tony Iommi according to this. Give me a break.
And Tommy Lee $70 million. Jesus how can it be that he is so much richer than Vince Neil? Don´t make sense.

Bullshit figures all over. But there is no doupt that Ringo, Phil and Charlie Watts are in top five.

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