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Matthew Tomaszewicz

This may be an unpopular opinion, but many times it is the performers themselves that are negotiating with the likes of Stubhub, etc. to do "holds" on tickets.

They let Ticketmaster take the negative brand equity, but really it's the artist and Stubhub which is continually doing deals as the entity itself (rather than just aggregating ticket inventory from "those scandalous brokers") releases the tickets at a higher price.

In the model Stubhub wins as does the artist.

Also, ticketing itself is not so much about the technology although it is improving each day--a lot of it from Ticketmaster itself--but it's more about who has enough to cash to pay a venue or promoter up front.

Clyde Smith

I didn't want to get into that, not due to popularity, but because of the nature of the post.

Even if there were more coverage of how celebs like Jay-Z work with Stubhub I'm not sure the general public would ever catch on. That's where it would be unpopular.

Actually Ticketmaster taking the negative brand equity is an excellent point. To the general public their brand is trash so why not take all the flak?

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