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Chris Seth Jackson

Wow! Thank you so much, Clyde! I'm honestly speechless to see this on Hypebot! And I'm a bit jealous you made my post more readable, concise, and have a better headline. Haha!

Again, thank you! And I hope it helps curb some of the spam out there.

Clyde Smith

Just doing my thing. I appreciate your work and I'm glad to send some attention your way!

AKI Jones member of the group VEIL

This is good. My thinking is, if it has to be explained then maybe they are in the wrong biz. We all fall short and are tempted to force the music but a recording artist and musician are not always the same animal. You have a lot of musicians being led to believe they are recording artists. Everybody I have worked with that has been successful has that certain natural quality and ability to draw and engage without having it explained to them. I suppose there is a learning curve but hose who are cut out for it will figure it out by looking to other artists who are successful.

AKI Jones member of the group VEIL

That didn't sound right.... I meant that they're a lot of musicians being led... not implying that "You" are doing it... lol


Love the advice! (and guilty as charged in some cases)

Allen Carlos

You can't avoid spam as long as you show to them that your site is free for spamming. I assume there is a studying bend but hose who are cut out for it will determine it out by looking to other performers who are effective.

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