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Jun Mhoon

It's very, very, important to get up everyday and have a ToDo list that maps out your routine. Be consistent. Develop good business and marketing habits and practice them just as you would your instrument. Check your site stats, answer your emails as well as your tweets and posts. Talk with your fans as if they were your friends. Build friendships and the fans will follow.

Smart Touch

reat Article, thank you for witting it with adding these refrences.
unfortunately, the first point is not working anymore after the "Exact Match Domain (EMD)" that Google announced lately, although there are some sites are being shown in the result because of their domain but I think this is because they're having the "SEO criteria checklist" complete..

Clyde Smith

Thanks for pointing that out.

The newly announced Exact Match Domain is designed to affect low quality sites. A content rich artist site that is focused on the artist should do just fine.

Note that they haven't announced removing domain terms from their algorithm(s), just that lower quality sites will no longer get a special boost for having key search terms in their url. A change that is long overdue.

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