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I don't use earbuds a lot but if you are referring to the strain relieve at the end of the connector coming apart, I have experienced that with the USB/30pin computer connector. Usually I have to cut a bit of white electrical wire shrink wrap but the audio connect is so small you should be able to slip it right over the connector. 10 seconds with a hair dryer should make that joint a lot more durable. Get shrink wrap at any electronics store or at Radio Shack.

Clyde Smith

Word. That's probably the most helpful tip we've had on Hypebot in a while!


Regarding the last sentence: "I would recommend looking for something with a more resilient design." Yeah, great. Like what?

I have spent $8 on headphones that fell apart, and $80 on headphones that fell apart just as fast. The only difference was one sounded better before it busted. I am not careless or rough with my ear gear, but I do use them and when I do, they break. Is there a manufacturer out there brave enough to put a measly ONE YEAR WARRANTY on their earbuds? I can't get'em to last more than two months no matter what I do.


Try the Sennheiser HD280pro Closed Monitoring Headphones. I've had them 18 months now, with daily all-day use, and they've a good sound and... are still in one piece!

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