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And the caveat not mentioned anywhere in the article above? After 9 months you need to be generating an average of 130 listening hours a day for your station (taken over the previous 30 days) for it to remain on the site for free.


Thats a cool idea will be checking that out! Thanks for the heads up and have a great day on purpose!


Not mentioned in the article: who is responsible for paying Performing Rights Societies (PROs) that collect royalties due for songwriters and music publishers?


Tonso, they talk about SoundExchange but not the other PROs. It's possible that since they are based in Europe, they aren't subject to the same fees as a US based station.

I just wish this page was in English: http://marketing.radionomy.com/Legal/Pacte-Createur-de-Radio.pdf


Wish it was easy to tell how much they would charge if the 130 hours wasn't met.


First time I had use of the Google online translator!


Same here...I don't like this part. It basically says that they will just delete your station without the option to pay a monthly fee. So I guess I will be avoiding this entirely.

"If the radio (station?) does not reach the minimum of 130 hours of hearing daily average Radionomy proceed with the deactivation of the radio and the removal of all radio data on its servers (including songs uploaded by the user), data will be lost forever and can not be restored."

Clyde Smith

I saw the 130 hours part in English but didn't catch the total deletion for failure.

That's pretty harsh.

Alvaro Marin

I guess its just economics. Why waste space on something that doesn't bring in any cash. I kind of like it because it puts the station manager to the test. It also wipes out those stations that were created on a whim and don't have people actually running them.


I'd prefer to see a platform that allows people to create their own Jango.com-type of online radio station, where people get the music without all the other MSNBC-looking and YAHOO.com-looking clutter. If people really want visual noise and website clutter, there is no shortage of it. I've (Two Bit Jukebox) enjoyed over 55,000 song plays on Jango.com in the last 8 months -- complete with extensive listner demographic feedback, and without all the junk! Of course people can also hear my music on the Two Bit Jukebox website, and everything they encounter there is related to the band and the music -- no superfluous garbage. No big fees, and no arbitraty cancellations. Works for me! Just good music and good listeners doing what they do best! And visitors to my website and Jango.com listeners are able to provide direct feedback (and frequently do!). ; )

Charles Barker

gatorenterentertainment96.com is were my new artists music can be heard

disgruntled gopher

It's a Con

Taken from the official announcement of revenue sharing:

Number of hours streamed per month in France to qualify for the retrocession: 25,000 hours

Outpayment: 1.7 € per 1000 hours

Number of hours streamed per month in the United States to qualify for the retrocession: 50,000 hours

Payouts: $ 2.2 per 1000 hours

So if you don't make the hours, you don't get paid. The servers are dodgey and radio stations often go silent. If this happens out of office hours (in France as they are now based in Paris), your station will not come back on until 9am the following work day, God forbid that they go down at 5:30pm Paris Time on a Friday!

The radio manager system is buggy and the stats are NEVER correct, something that Radionomy admit.


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Jimmy Belvedere

Disgruntled Gopher says it's a "con", but for even modestly successful stations, that number of listener hours (listersxhoursxdays) is easily achieved and can be generated by working at home on your station. Yes its a large number, but who else is offering real money to hobby broadcasters? And there's no pre-roll or annoying banners.

In terms of "The servers are dodgey and radio stations often go silent" I haven't experienced that on my station. In fact, One has to wonder that if this was really the case, they wouldn't be running a successful company (they just bought hotmix and Jamendo) with that kind of performance.


Notwithstanding the glitches, Radionomy offers a great opportunity to the broadcasters.


not to mention its completely FREE. its still a young company, the servers and connection problems will only get better from here!

Sidney Baitsile

I am setting up 5 separate radio stations in Africa to stream African music and talk. Can someone please out there give me tips on how to make money from them....

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