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I'm pretty skeptical of this. How much real estate is there on a device for apps? Not enough to have room for more than a few artist apps. Whereas a device owner might have songs from hundreds of artists on their media player, the relative number of artists they're going to have as apps is probably less than 10, and by necessity less than 100, if they're into artist apps at all. So my app is competing for very limited space with artists who can afford to have big professional dev/content teams polishing their app. It seems to me that I should focus my resources on battles I am more likely to win.
Furthermore, how does an app help me gain or retain fans? I'd wager that someone who puts the Lady Gaga app on their iPhone is already a huge gaga fan, and the app is just icing on the cake.
The MTT article really doesn't make the case to address any of these issues.
- Tungsten Carbide, http://thehumanoperators.com

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