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This is a COMPLETELY subjective argument depending on the nature of each artists' creative process, business model, lifestyle, fanbase, locale, style, career arc etc.

Apparently, for grizzly bear, all things considered this is the best way for them to make money. We have no real insight into the nature of their business/lives that can tell us why this is.

I'm sure they meant well, but should probably know that a sweeping generalization like that(via 140 characters) is gonna muddy the waters and perhaps do more damage via misinformation/lack of information when considering the breadth of the argument.


the thing is though spotify does NOT help out bands. They pay pennies. Youtube views are more valuable because radio stations /publications etc look to them for view counts more than FB or Spot b/c it's completely public (ie: no need to sign up to view), thusly they help get a band on the elusive commercial radio. Also, remember buying an album also helps the independent label, and if you buy it from an indie shop, it helps them too. There's no way to argue a streaming service is a better model for artists, labels or indie shops.

James Bertuzzi

the anti-spotify camp would benefit from reading hypebot's wonderful interview of Spotify's artist in residence the other day.

itunes and any other digital/physical sales are "front-loaded", in that there is one transaction, and you own the music forever. Spotify pays out in small increments over a long period of time - between $.001 and $.005 per stream to artists.

I don't know about you, but i listen to my favorite songs/albums hundreds, if not thousands of times.

so in that sense, spotify can be a good deal for artists (100+ streams at the conservative $.001/stream, =$1+)

Classic "long tail" scenario. we need to re-adjust our perception of payout. and yeah, spotify should introduce better (do they have any?) analytics, which im sure they will.


When it comes to payout to artists, bands, labels and stores CD/LP retails for $8-16+ under a good distro deal qualified suppliers get over 50 % of wholesale and stores are making 20-50%. So it's a win win win win.

BTW Ask any full service distributor what they sell more of and make more money on~ CD's or digital music. In the words of Bill Clinton ‘It’s Arithmetic.’


Your math doesn't check out. 100 x .0001 = $0.10. That's a significant difference.

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