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Hogan Donna Interactive 2011 Hogan Rebel Hogan Uomo Olympia.

Tommy Corman

You can sell your music on itunes with ADEDistribution at http://www.aded.us

There a 101 ways to sell music on itunes. Most musicians are just to lazy to promote themselves or to even research methods on how to sell their music. Twitter and FaceBook are your friends if you know how to use them properly to promote and sell your music.

Jordan Lee

Lazy? not this one. I've been pulling out all the stops since the start and my home-spun tricks of the trade won't be found in any 'how to sell music publication' that I know about. But now I'm up against a new problem - namely, if the competition can't beat you - they simply get rid of you. It's a new concept that's quietly affecting some artists behind the scenes. And I suspect guilty party is at least one a major label record company lurking in the shadows.

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