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Rudy Judy

As an Indie artist I hope that they win. It's one thing sharing something with a friend or relative because I see this as promotion that could increase an artist's fan base. However, mass free distributions like this hurts artists. I think the survival of Indie artists is important to our world culturally. Indie music gives us a social window as well as an artistic window to the world.

The Metalluminati

^ Just another artist brainwashed by short-sighted record labels.


Erik P.

Or... http://www.spin.com/articles/surprise-file-sharing-may-not-help-sell-cds-after-all


I disagree. P2P is also a form of promotion for indie artists. It's the same as sharing a CD with a friend (which is also illegal, by the way) but the only difference is it's on a much larger scale. You have more people listening and a greater chance for new fans to now buy your music. In most cases, mass free distribution like torrents don't hurt indie artists since people really haven't heard of them anyway. (Unless you're Adele). Even if people downloading your music don't buy it afterwards, it's not loss of sales because they had no idea who you were and that you're even there before they downloaded it. Although, the fact that so many people feel entitled to free music all the time is alarming. I completely agree with your last two sentences. I love indie music. However, the problem lies with obscurity and the fact that the majority of music industry is still controlled by the major labels.

What I don't understand about Century Media is that they were so against Spotify for the same reason they're suing fans for illegally uploading and downloading (money). Studies have shown if an artist and their music is not on Spotify, people are more likely to pirate it. Pick your digital poison but suing fans is not the answer.

It's interesting to note that Iced Earth issued a statement saying they disagree with their label's actions and were not even aware or asked about it. http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=84635

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