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I'm surprised it's taken this long for somebody to build a business on this concept. My band is finishing up our first record, and I've planned all along to find a way to give away the whole record plus bonus material, with every piece of physical merchandise, be it T's, Vinyl, Hats, mugs, panties, etc.

My feeling is: A) there's not really an equivalent to the "album cover" anymore, and I hate that there's nothing that comes with the music that I can hold - which opens a door to... B) I want to reward anybody for wearing, using, owning anything with my band's name on it, and I want to make that stuff cooler than just buying a download - hence the bonus material, which will theoretically be different for each product. Woot!

Anybody else doing something like this successfully?


This is the coolest thing I have seen in quite some time. I too have been waiting for something that makes people more encouraged to buy our merch at shows and be able to split that profit up between the product and the music...this does that! I'm looking forward to ordering my first batch of R-Evolution DATs!

Paul Soproniuk / NuPlays

Daniel, we've already launched a site for what you want to do :)

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