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Livestream Removes Ads, Offers Free Version

Ls-logo-200x50Livestream, one of the major livestreaming web services, has launched a new version that is now ad-free with both a free version and a $45 monthly producer account. In addition, a free iOS app is available for both versions and an Android app is on the way.  However both versions come with various restrictions such as no embedding that may undermine demand.

The new version of Livestream offers both a free and a $45 a month producer account. Just looking at the site it's pretty difficult to find out the details of the free service. Basically you set up a user account and once that's setup you create an event.

Livestream Comparison with Bambuser and Ustream

From what I've pieced together from the site and press release, the free accounts offer unlimited streaming and 30-day archiving. After that your videos are deleted. In addition, viewers have to set up a basic Livestream account to view your free videos. You cannot embed videos offsite. However there aren't restrictions on the number of viewers or how long you can stream and there are no ads on the site or in videos.

The $45 a month Producer Account removes the viewer login requirement but does not have embedding offsite. In addition Producers have unlimited archiving.

To get features such as embedding, analytics and APIs, you'll have to use the Original Livestream Premium Account for $269 which comes with other sets of restrictions.  There is also said to be a new plan coming soon that will include embedding.

That said, getting rid of ads is a powerful incentive for creators desiring a quality livestreaming experience as is unlimited streaming. In addition, the Livestream for Producers iOS app is available for free accounts with an Android app coming soon.

To compare Livestream's mobile app quality to that of Bambuser and Ustream, check out the above video. I wish I could find a complete up-to-date comparison of such services. If you know of one that gets into the details, please post a link in the comments or drop me a note at the below email.

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