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Wow. I love Pandora but Unfortunately it would makes all the sense in the world for Apple to do a radio network. Actually, they already have radio via their iRadio links in your iTunes library. Or all they have to do is cut the deals for full streams for content already in the store and charge a small annual fee as they did with iMatch. This will makes it very hard for start-ups as well as indie musicians. We'll find away.

Guy Lewis

A fascinating read. It never ceases to amaze me how such disparate businesses now find themselves closing in to compete more and more. All have their own different motivations for wanting to be in the same market surely most, ultimately would do better not to 'be' the media industry, but be (at least) a major channel for all media. So, surely the 'swallowing up' of the media market isn't about killing off the likes of these creators and aggregators of content, but being the preferred channel for these players to access consumers?

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