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Makes me wonder. Do streaming services pay you for partial streams? This is what I have found out so far: http://www.spotidj.com/blog/how-transparant-is-your-digital-distributor/


With today`s ADD attention span, that`s really not bad. If you are engaging your audience for even that long, if they sit through the first 2-4 minutes, you are still ahead.

Jimmey Mark

Wonderful article!!! Music is really a great enlightenment of life. It gives relax and mental satisfaction. I love to listened music and it gives pleasure. Everyday, I hear music at list 15 minuets for my satisfaction.
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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

I'm always happy when I have figured out an interesting new album by a new artist by finding out about it through the names of the collaborators who play on it.
And then I'm even happier when I can have a pre-listening session of full songs.

And yes, I only keep streaming if the album is somewhat hard to get as a hardcopy because I use streaming only for pre-listening.

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